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Lesson Learned From A Time Past
2014 Iony Smith

flat on my back
    not yet blacked out
looking at the street light
or a full moon shining bright
    in my inebriated state
couldn't distinguish between the two
    a most peculiar view

used the curb as a pillow
    felt soft at the time
woke up later with a knot on my head
red on my shirt where it had dripped and bled
    in my inebriated state
coughed up and spewed out my dinner
    crusted on my chin a gold medal winner

was young and determined
    but then, very, very drunk
would never again cross that path
just took once to figure out the math
    in my inebriated state
could not stand, see clear or feel
a perpetual spinning wheel

Stranger Within
2016, revised 2017 Iony Smith

a stranger we are to ourselves until we invite our special guest in from the rain or snow or from the torrid sun, inclement or fair blue skies the meeting is about to begin with the stranger within

bonding with this personification sometimes familiar other times not, now standing in our midst and breathing our air, we recognize and appreciate that which is us and that which is them and with the luck of the draw, we erect no barriers between the two, the stranger within  

we are divided at least in two, the known and unknown, both as irreconcilable and harmonious twins playing hide and seek over a lifetime of adventures, of wonderment and disappointment with the stranger within

And when the penumbras freely speak out of their filtered light, we sometimes listen and other times turn our attention elsewhere not wanting to hear confusion or another way to see what we struggle against with the stranger within, both the chaos and the calm beneath for the stranger within

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