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(above) Ninety-nine Percent Charly Humbolt 2013

We Wait
2017 Iony Smith

so we wait;
    for the first breath
    for the approaching death

    for the rain to stop
    for it to again drop

    for the heart to beat
    for when in retreat 

we wait;
    for the tide lapping out
    for the relentless drought

    for a quiet moment, then,
    for a little noise from the playpen

    for our soul to be moved
    for dispositions improved

we wait;
    for silence to soothe obsessing thoughts
    for the calm to unravel gnarly knots

    for a chance to start anew
    for an ending opening another view

    for the infants first, wobbly unsure walk
    for sleepy nodding cats and the peent of a woodcock

we wait;
    for moments absorbed in fear
    for courage to overcome and persevere

    for mystical questions and facts in doubt
    for transcendence in seeking and finding out

    for rainbows with both their arching and arcing ways
    for green pastures and the dog days

we wait;
    for one foot to step ahead
    for the other to follow the thread

    for spring to bring summer in
    for fall as a link of winter's begin

    for a restful sleep to ease the pain
    for healing practices more humane  

we wait;
    for the clouds to part
    for umbras to inform art

    for promises to be kept
    for an oath we can accept

    for dignity before all
    for the majesty of the hawk's shrilling squall   
we wait;
    for standing in a redwood grove
    for stars pulsating through its canopy trove

    for reverence, kindness and civility 
    for celebrating the gift of humility

    for waking and walking meditations  
    for building comity among nations

so we wait;
    for answers to our prayers           
    for the strength in faith in our daily affairs

    for life to be cordial and unfurled
    for tranquil evenings to linger without quarrel

    for simple sweets of enjoying and beholding
    for the glorious Gladiolas blooming and unfolding

we wait;
    we wait;
        we wait . . .

Dog on old Stage Coach Road
2013 Iony Smith

on old Stage Coach Road, stopped on the side to take a picture
sitting in the weeds by a barbed fence and discarded melon seeds
was an old, graying dog, just staring, worn, but unbowed
how long there or from where he came I knew not but what I saw

the small canine had that look, his eyes revealing time in years
life nearly gone yet still steadfastly holding on
I spoke a few soft words mostly to comfort and be kind 
and the old guy just gazed as the wind ruffled through his fur

deciding to keep my distance not from fear or trepidation
but to protect his calm as a subtle gesture of respect
I walked back to the car and from my rear view mirror
saw two ears pointing up to heaven and two cataract eyes

somehow, we both were saying our good byes

The Me We Share
2016 Iony Smith

I listened to my conversation with others and heard me and not them, but I guess that was okay as it was I who was talking and not them. Yet, when others spoke I again heard me and found that peculiar and disturbing?  So the next opportunity for social discourse, I was committed to hearing what others had to say and although successful, interestingly, what I heard said was about them?

Do we only hear ourselves in others and they through us, them - well, if that be the case, we understand each other better than I thought.

And, who am I talking to when I talk to myself? Setting up a question with a reply then a continuation until the mumbling and sub-vocalizations slip away into the ether.  Guarding a little secret that everybody has and that everybody hides, our best communication, sometimes, is a conversation with ourselves.

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